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  • Image of Deposit For Makeup Services
  • Image of Deposit For Makeup Services
  • Image of Deposit For Makeup Services
  • Image of Deposit For Makeup Services


Full Face makeup {$65) application includes: (Bookings before 10am & after 8pm $75)
• Brow enhancement
• Foundation Placement
• Eye shadow up to 3 colors
• Lipstick/lip-gloss
• Lip liner
• Lash line/water line
• Contour/highlight
• Lashes
• Glitter Eyes: $5 extra
• Glitter Lips: $5 extra
• Bottom Lashes: $5 extra
*Minimum of 4 women to travel. Traveling fees are mandatory*

Single Application/Service Prices:
Lashes (strip): $5
Bottom lashes: $5
Eyebrows Arch (Razor Technique): $5
Eyebrow Enhancement (this gives the illusion of sculpted eyebrows): $7
Eyebrow Arch and Enhancement: $12
Eyebrow Tinting (Semi-Permanent Brows): $12

***Prior to Checking Out***
Please text 786.582.9828 or email phreshservices@gmail.com to confirm and set a date and time. When confirming & paying your deposit please include in the "Notes" section in Paypal or via email subject "MAKEUP SERVICES" for a prompt response:

*Date & Time of Service
*Contact Number
*Makeup look/Colors of your choice
(If this is not completed you will be refunded & your date and time will not be confirmed)

In order to secure your date and time of service a $20 non-refundable deposit is required. This includes but not limit to make-up application and special events. Cancelled appointments within the same day of appointments must resubmit deposit in order to secure another date and time and pay remaining balance once serviced. Remember you are not confirmed until your deposit is paid. Cancelled appointments are not refunded! Must book & secure your date within 48hours of your desired date.

No Men, Kids or Bystanders are allowed. The only person(s) that are allowed are those who are being serviced. Make sure you book accordingly. Changes in the weather, "can't find location", or someone else's schedule does not exempt your tardiness so plan accordingly (Flood watches,hurricanes,death in family waives cancellation and late fees). There is a 15 minute grace period anything after is a $10 late fee charge ((In this case you will pay the balance due and late fees before services are rendered)). After 30 min. your time will be omitted losing your deposit & allowing another client to book at that time. You will then have to start the deposit process again. This guarantees great service for those who are on time without compromising the next appt. (clients) time. No Refunds on no calls no show and same day cancellation. RULES ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED. By submitting your payment you agree to all rules and policies stated above.

*Special Events*
Email phreshservices@gmail.com for Pricing
This includes but not limit to weddings,proms and special events/occasions.