Pardon My Phresh (PMP) is a beauty, brand & lifestyle movement where we specialize in makeup artistry, branding, fashion, mental & physical wellness empowering women from all different nationalities and age groups. PMP expresses that mental health is just as important as physical health & SELF LOVE needs to be expressed daily! This movement motivates, encourage, and inspire women to look and feel  their best & become their own BOSS UNAPOLOGETICALLY! We as women are our worst critics, looking at flaws in the mirror instead of embracing our greatness. Pardon My Phresh is not just a slogan but a lifestyle as we continue to overcome obstacles by sharing thoughts and ideas and pushing others towards success. This movement also promises a healthier and more active lifestyle introducing our "PHRESH & FIT" weight loss line this will give women the extra tools and push they need when they feel all else have failed. They say "Beauty is within" and I couldn't agree with them more, "A healthier heart and a more active you, will become a happier you." PMP offers online weightloss accountability group, one on one and group makeup, branding webinars & chats, editing webinars and more! This is a movement for all women because after all "Pardon My Phresh" is not just a phrase buts it's a lifestyle.